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At Lion Mountain Ranch, your ability to dream is only limited by your own imagination. Who says you can’t fulfill your childhood wishes? Owning one of California’s last natural trophies is finally possible. Situated on 940+/-  acres, this Gold Coast property changes your perspective from the minute you drive through the gates. Mountain passes echo the curves of life as wildlife brings the property alive. Open fields are a blank slate for the seeds you wish to plant and grow for years to come. 

A feeling of peace comes upon you as you tour one of Ventura county’s largest properties. This once in a generation ranch has potential for the right buyer who rather than buying just a home, wants to buy a property that can house a family for generations to come. The tall grass on its fields makes their own music as its blades sway back and forth, allowing for the sounds of the city to fade away. Looking around, there is no one as far as the eye can see nor are there any troubles. Streams throughout the property serve as a welcome distraction and demonstration of how natural irrigation feeds so much of the bounty alive in the mountains, hills, and fields. And at the end of the day, the sunset hits the ponds just right to signal a stop to fishing in just the right spot.

Life on the ranch is perfect from daylight to twilight and no matter what your vision is, the future is bright on this Ventura county gem.


Existing Infrastructure

On the property, a turn of the century farmhouse brings history alive in addition to being the center of life where you can cook meals, entertain family and friends, and stake your claim to improving these 1,000 acres for your family for years to come. A pool provides a welcome respite in the summer and the opportunity for cherished memories of warmer months. And a barn and employee quarters ensure that the property – and those who maintain it – are taken care of year-round. Further existing infrastructure such as ponds, irrigation, and wells provide the backbone of the property and help feed its natural beauty. 


Future Uses 

The ranch is able to accommodate a variety of future uses and is easily adaptable to the vision of its owner. 

Its' layout suits an owner with an agricultural bent. Given its vast space and temperate climate, it can be used to grow avocados or citrus to provide truly unique produce. It is also ideal for growing hemp in order to help satisfy growing demand and invest in a product that will undoubtedly play an important role in a variety of uses for decades to come. The ranch can also support the cultivation and harvesting of grapes to create wine directly from your soil to your dinner table. This Ojai ranch’s soil is rich, and its possibilities are endless.

The geography of the ranch is also an ideal training ground for equine enthusiasts. Its large open spaces can allow horses to gallop and train. It's more challenging terrain teaches one of nature’s most majestic animals how to handle any difficulty. A potential proving ground for even the most experienced rider, this property can be the place where horses are truly broken in.

For owners who value preserving the environment, the wide variety of flora and fauna located on this vast property can be protected for posterity. This ranch, with its pristine grounds, is able to accommodate current environmental habitats. It is also able to be planted with native trees and flowers to provide a home for nature which is threatened by overdevelopment. Committing this property to serving as an environmental sanctuary can provide a legacy of altruism and preservation that few other places can.


Natural resources + Current Income Streams

Due to its vast size and ideal location, the Ojai ranch has a variety of natural resources. It has notable oil and gas deposits and a significant quantity of natural water. All of these can be used to create or expand income streams that the property is already producing.

Currently, the property plays host to several endeavors that generate income and offsets the cost of ownership. Oil production, cell tower leases, and equine leases all contribute to the sustainability of the property. The variety of activities on the property also help provide peace of mind that no matter the market, the ranch can produce.


The Town of Ojai 

North of Los Angeles, Ojai seems like a world away. Located at the base of the Topa Topa mountains, this town has long been a refuge from traffic and congestion. Its peaceful nature and beauty give the town a grace and tranquility which has made it a destination for Hollywood stars and those who value wellness.  Ojai’s temperate climate makes everyday postcard-worthy. 

Its boutique hotels and spiritual retreats are renowned and its sense of community remains strong. Chain stores are prohibited, reinforcing a sense of uniqueness uncaptured anywhere else in America. Local artisans abound with crafts reflective of the region and products that remind you that small towns can offer something to residents few other places can: authenticity.

Bordered by the Los Padres National Forest, nature lovers flock to the town to experience California as it was. Ojai’s natural beauty only serves to buttress its cultural offerings. From the Ojai Music Festival which has drawn notable composers Igor Stravinsky and Aaron Copeland to the Ojai tennis tournament, life in Ojai is a feast for the mind, body, and soul.

  • Ultimate Privacy
  • 1000 +/1 Acres
  • Farmhouse
  • Employee Dwelling
  • Pool
  • Pond
  • Exceptional Compound
  • Mountain Views
  • Barn
  • Income producing
  • Weather station
  • Irrigation
  • Well suited for income producing crops
  • Once in a generation oppurtunity
Lion Mountain Ranch
Ojai, CA 93023
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